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Benefits of PrayagEdu

Streamlined Operations

Enhanced Parental Engagement

Informed Decision-making

Efficient Communication

Data Security


Introducing PrayagEdu - Your Comprehensive School ERP Solution

In the dynamic landscape of educational institutions, managing diverse administrative tasks efficiently is vital for fostering a conducive learning environment. At Iewduh Techz, in partnership with PrayagEdu, we introduce a comprehensive School ERP system designed to streamline operations and enhance academic processes. PrayagEdu encapsulates an array of features, including Online Admission, Fees Payment, Attendance Tracking, Report Card Generation, Exam and Assessment Management, Grievance Handling, and much more, all integrated into an intuitive web and mobile application suite.


Key Features of PrayagEdu

Online Admission

Online Fees Payment

Homework and Assignment

Student Management System

Learning Management System

Online Test and Examination

Report Card Generation

Attandence for Student and Staff

Grievance Redressal System

TC Generation


Partner with Iewduh Techz and PrayagEdu for Educational Excellence

Elevate your educational institution's management standards with PrayagEdu, in collaboration with Iewduh Techz. Our unified solution empowers educational institutions to streamline administrative tasks, nurture academic growth, and create an enriching learning environment for students, educators, and parents.

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